Flight prices surge after BA sales stop with one way ticket to Edinburgh costing £855

Prices for some short-haul flights on routes out of London Heathrow have soared following British Airways’ suspension of sales until 15 August. Seats on flights are in such high demand that some of the only options now available for booking are trips going via Europe on rival carriers at very high prices. analysis of flight prices between now and 15 August for short-haul routes out of Heathrow found that one flight from London to Edinburgh went via Brussels and cost £855. That trip would equat

'I was unable to move': Wild swimming in polluted river leads to hospitalisation

It seemed liked the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day. But an idyllic wild swim in a river in rural Kent led to hospitalisation, morphine, intravenous drips and a nightmare week of sickness for one group of unsuspecting bathers. “I was unable to move or to put on clothes when the ambulance came,” Claire Pierrot (inset), the most severely affected of the swimmers, told . “They picked me up in a blanket, helped me into a chair and took me to hospital.” The 42 year-old was continuo

True impact of UK's hottest day ever on deaths and hospitalisations will not be known for weeks

The true impact of the heatwave on public health may not be fully understood for another two weeks, as officials work to verify how many people died or were admitted to hospital. Temperatures topped 40°C for the first time in British history and at least 34 weather stations in England exceeded the previous UK temperature record, with Scotland also setting record highs. Health experts have warned about the grave risks to human health because of the extreme heat. In an average year, there are ab

'Indictment on our society': Minister for women condemns misogynistic abuse

Minister for Women Jan Tinetti says the abuse female politicians receive must be challenged. Misogynistic abuse against women in public office was “an indictment on our society,” said Minister for Women Jan Tinetti​, who is steeling herself for an increase in sexist and derogatory comments as she enters the hotly contested Tauranga by-election. Speaking in an interview about the abuse and trolling levelled against New Zealand female politicians, Tinetti said it was her responsibility as minist

Ex-NZ soldier planning Ukraine mission: 'It could be a one-way trip'

Army veteran Kane Te Tai is packing his kit to head to Ukraine with a team of ex-NZDF members and Two Ukrainians, including Anton Malyarov. A group of former New Zealand service personnel are planning to escort two Ukrainian New Zealanders back to their war-torn country, as bombs fall dangerously close to their family and friends. Ex-New Zealand soldier Kane Te Tai​ said a group of at least four former Defence Force staff were preparing to protect and potentially defend the Ukrainians on the j

'Safe areas' abortion law passes with large majority in Parliament

Labour MP Louisa Wall said the safe areas amendment bill, passed on Wednesday evening, would provide safe access to abortion facilities for women and healthcare providers. A law creating safe areas around abortion facilities has been passed by Parliament . The Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion (Safe Areas) Amendment Bill passed its third reading with a 108-12 majority in the House on Wednesday evening. The bill will allow safe areas of no more than 150 metres around abortion faciliti

The Collapse of Camp Freedom

At the iron gates, the worst of it happened. In a haze of smoke and a flap of sweaty limbs, the enraged taunted police. They threw plates, tables, shelves and wooden furniture — as hard as they could into the line of police in front of them. They swore again and again, embittered. They gave the middle finger on each hand and let out cries of exhilaration. The police, deep into a day of work trying to clear an occupation of the Parliamentary precinct into its 23rd day, took the blows. In the spac

'Trespassed' from Parliament's lawn: a firsthand account

Mandate and anti-vaccine protesters gather in their hundreds on the lawns of the Parliament grounds in Wellington. The moment I looked over my shoulder and noticed I was surrounded by protesters, I became unnerved. My attempt to resolve an expected confrontation by walking away hadn’t worked – I was being kicked off Parliament’s lawn by those who had been occupying it for over a week. With visual journalist Lawrence Smith, my task on day nine was to document how the protest was developing int

Thousands of taxpayer-funded school lunches left uneaten by students

Fairfield College principal Richard Crawford says the school lunches in the Government's Ka Ora, Ka Ako programme have been a "game-changer" in reducing barriers for some kids who were going hungry. Thousands of taxpayer-funded school lunches are being left uneaten by students each week. And the Government is not counting the leftovers from one of its flagship policies. In Hamilton, Kaivolution, a food rescue organisation, estimates there can be up to 1500 lunches left over from city schools

Street of Port Waikato houses could be washed away in decades, erosion map predicts

Houses on the sea front at Port Waikato in 2019. Since then, Green's house (far right) has been demolished. A “shocking” image shows Port Waikato’s shoreline could obliterate seafront properties if current rates of erosion continue between the next 20 to 50 years. But people will still be able to move properties or construct them further back from the encroaching sea under a new council proposal. One homeowner was “shocked and disturbed” by the image, but said he still intends to live out his